Meet the Owner

Lisa is a Kingdom Mogul, Entrepreneur, BillionaireCEO, Blingmaster and Philanthropic.

Lisa is a God taught entrepreneur - everything that she has learned she has learned through grit and grace. As a result she has built 4 thriving businesses: JaNosha & Company, LLC, JaNosha Bling Boutique, JaNosha Events, Kingdom MBA and the L Foundation.

Lisa began her entrepreneurial journey In 2005 but soon learned that you can’t pursue greatness without God. Lisa took some time off and consulted God for her next steps in being an entrepreneur. In December 2007 God released JaNosha & Company, LLC to her. The name was God given and inspired by the name of her siblings. In January 2008 JaNosha & Company became a fully licensed business in Richmond, VA and it will be the legacy she leaves for her family.

Since then she has dedicated herself to creating Kingdom businesses and brands that will seek after and allow God to be shown as the frontline founder of her business. Lisa is passionate about helping other aspiring entrepreneurs do the same. Her goal is to assist with connecting, networking and mentoring people of all ages. Lisa seeks to help those that are between the stages of career and entrepreneurship in hopes to encourage, support and give Godly instructions on how to move into your next.